Final Fight

It was 1990-something and I was invited to a friends birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese.  Now first off, the Chuck-E-Cheese that this party took place was the children’s party destination for miles around.  Three stories of pure UN-adulterated childhood mayhem and chaos.  Okay, well, maybe some adults…they had to pay for everything.  The bottom floor was devoted to the restaurant, the kids games, the ball pit, the maze, the ticket games and the prize center.  The second floor was devoted to arcades, thousands of them…the third floor contained all the stage rooms and large dining rooms.  It was at this birthday that I found…THE ARCADE GAME of my youth…Final Fight.

Sure I played tons of arcade games in my childhood, Pac Man, Spy Hunter, Pole Position…but nothing like this.  Final Fight, starts out with the Mayor’s (Haggar) daughter (Jessica) being kidnapped.  The mayor’s daughter also happens to be the main characters (Cody) girlfriend.  Cody, his best friend Guy, and the Mayor all work together to beat through the gangs of Metro City.

final-fight-character-selectPlayers can choose to play as Cody, Guy, or Haggar.  If you were like me, you went for Haggar, simply because he was the Mayor with muscle.  Guy and Cody were cool too…but come on, Haggar was a huge muscular man who was also the Mayor.  Guy was a martial arts expert who fights with a Kung-fu martial arts style, and Cody fights like a street fighter.

final-fightI must have pumped a hundred dollars worth of arcade tokens on this game…looking back, I don’t think I made it past the third level.  I won’t deny, that as a teenage kid, full of raging hormones playing a multi-player fighting game like this is just what kids need.  Of course Poison’s and Roxy’s sex appeal didn’t hurt the matter either.  When this game was later released for the Super Nintendo, I knew I had to buy it.  I had to rescue Jessica.  The only downside to this game at least from the SNES side of things was the fact that it could only be played one player.  With that said, since it was for the SNES, you could cheat and modify the amount of continues you had…and eventually beat the boss of the Mad Gear gang.

Final-Fight-Arcade-PoisonThe one positive note about this game, was that it introduced me to the Comcast franchise…which has produced hundreds of recognizable games over the years with the most popular being the Street Fighter series.  A series were Cody and Guy later make appearances, as well as two of the bosses from this game; Rolento and Sodom.

I always pop a quarter or two into any arcade I find with this game, it’s always a good play.


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