heroquest2When you are a parent of four kids ranging in age, you tend to find games that they can all play together…and if you are a father who is particularly fond of the fantasy genre, you will gravitate to the games that meet this need.  HeroQuest from Milton Bradley was a game that all of my siblings and I loved to play…as well as all of our friends.  HeroQuest is a game that takes place in a fantasy world where you get to chose from four different character/classes: Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf, and Wizard.  You chose your player and your player card work together with your party to solve the predesigned quests as told by the Dungeon Master/Game Master.  As you battle your way through each dungeon you will face skeletal warriors, orcs, goblins, zombies, fimirs (lizard men), gargoyles and Chaos warriors.  To help you along the way you may find treasure and magical weapons, potions, and spells.

heroquest3Game play is exceptionally simple.  Every hero/monster has a preset number of body points (amount of damage you can take before you die), movement, attack dice, defense dice, and mind dice.  The only way to really “level up” in this game is to buy better armor or weapons which only increase your defense or attack rolls.  Before each adventure the Wizard and Elf classes share the spell cards.  Every spell falls into one of four different spell types: Fire, Water, Earth, Air.  The Elf gets all the cards from one class, and the Wizard will receive all that’s left.

The dungeon master/game master controls the story, the monsters and any spells the monsters have the ability of casting.  As the big brother, I spent most of my time behind the DM/GM screen…

heroquest4What was the most awesome thing about this game was all the pieces.  Seriously, this game was loaded with small plastic miniatures…which ultimately also defines the price.  This is easily a game that can be played with the family doing a quest in about an hour.  There are a total of 10 quests designed by Milton Bradly, but with all the pieces there are any number of quest options.  In fact, there is a huge collection online devoted to new hero classes, monster classes, items, spells, and quests.  If you don’t own this game already, you can only find it used off of places like Ebay.  Once you own this game…NEVER give it away or sell it.  It is very much a collectors item and anyone who knows board games and loves fantasy games will tell you stories of this game and how awesome it is to play.


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