Street Fighter II

o-STREET-FIGHTER-II-facebookI don’t think there is a single game out there, arcade or otherwise that was so sought out like Street Fighter II.  Initially released on Arcade in 1991, the original line up consisted of Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, E. Honda, Guile, Dhalsim, Blanka, Balrog, Sagat, M.Bison, Vega and Zangief.  Supposedly the continuing saga of Street Fighter, in which fighters from across the world face off to see who will be best of the best.

One control stick and six buttons controlled the hundreds of different fighting combinations of these brutal fighting legends.I spent many a quarter on this version, and all the different updates made to it…Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II Turbo, Street Fight II Champion Edition, Street Fight II The New Challengers…and of course all the revisions after Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha II, Street Fighter III, Street Fighter III 2nd Impact, Street Fighter Alpha III 3rd Impact, Street Fighter Alpha III, X-men Versus Street Fighter, Marvel Verus Capcom, etc…etc..etc…Two-new-videos-of-Ultra-Street-Fighter-IV-showcase-characters-opening-cinematic-620x350

I spent hours mastering this game, burning callouses into my thumbs.  The character line up has grown from the original ten, to 63 different characters.  My favorite character(s) will always be Ken and Chun-Li, quickly followed by Zangief and E-Honda.  Zangief is probably one of the harder characters to master, but his hits are the hardest which is what makes him such a formidable foe.

I think part of the biggest draw with this series is how Capcom has brought in so many characters from all their different video game titles and with them, their own unique story lines that matches their video game. Most probably one of Capcom’s most successful titles, as I made mention, these characters have met to face each other in fist to fist combat in multiple video games, across multiple gaming platforms, in multiple movies (both animated and live action), and in comic books.  These characters are heavily cosplayed, and there is just something about Street Fighter’s characters (maybe the over abundance of sex appeal) that players just can’t get enough of.

One things for certain, if I find myself alone in an arcade, I am usually standing in front of this game, or some version of it. If you happen to find me…first games on me.


Here’s a video to help get you in the mood:


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