Through the eyes of someone new…

IMG_0140I haven’t posted in a while, too much really to work on with work and school.  Personal time is something of a luxury at this point.  The reason for this post is because I took the weekend off so to speak.  Last weekend, my sons Boy Scout troop wanted to designate a weekend camping trip to work on a gaming merit badge.  Needless to say, I was eager to jump on board and help out.  I was even made the official Merit Badge Counselor…it was an honor.

Once we were all settled in, I started working on my duties as counselor and began working my way through their guidelines.  All in all, we played: Uno (card game), Madness (card game) (a first for me), Skipbo (card game), Mad Libs (paper game), Capture the Flag (outdoor game), Settlers of Catan (also a first for me), Hero Quest, D&D 5th Edition Starter Kit (for which my son actually took the reigns of DM for…totally cool), and before I left I taught them to play Battletech.  It may not seem like a lot of games, but fun was had for one and a half days.  I introduced new games to this kids and inspired a new generation to appreciate some of the classics.

The day ended with the boys needing to make their own board game.  Something I am sure they will all enjoy doing.


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