Burger Time

When I was a kid, and when I say kid I mean before my teenage years, every day after school and most every day (during the summer) from like 12:00 (noon) until around (5:00) I would go down to the local Youth Center on the Air Force Base we were stationed at.  This building was actually pretty cool, and a lot of kids my age would hang out here.  Arcade games, board games, puzzles, a snack bar, television…all the things a kid like me needed to keep my mind occupied.  One of the best business rules (for lack of better term) this youth center had was that you could check out all the board games and puzzles you wanted, and you could get the hockey puck/paddles or Foosball ball for a quarter.  Once you returned the item, you got your quarter back.  Needless to say a quarter lasted a long time.

That is…unless you played on the arcades (which I did religiously).  I don’t remember all the arcades the youth center offered, but I remember spending a great deal of time mastering Burgertime, and Return of the Jedi Arcade (with the mock up steering wheel to make it feel like you flying the Millennium Falcon or the Speeder bikes).  They also had the flight simulator arcade After Burner (which sealed my passion for the F-14 Tomcat).


Burgertime, was a game that was asburgertime_large confusing as it was fun.  The hero, has to go up a series of ladders, walking across multiple platforms in order to walk over the ingredients needed to make a burger.  All while avoiding being hit by a walking egg, a walking pickle, and a walking hotdog.  Your weapon of choice…pepper.  Which made the bad guys sneeze. One of the most enjoyable feelings in this game is when you squish the egg/pickle/hot dog between the burger ingredients, or cause them to take a one way trip with the burger as it falls from platform and into the burger container.  Advancement in the game adds more burger ingredients, harder arrangements of ladders and platforms and of course, increasing the speed.  Burgertime, has had it’s fair share of remakes and sequels, but nothing has come close to the arcade version.

I think one of the reasons I enjoyed playing this game so much, was because I knew of a glitch that allowed me to get free games.  Again, going from memory, but I think I could lift the arcade in such a way that when it fell, it would trip the coin tumblers into thinking a coin passed through, thus giving you credits.  Needless to say, I got good at this game real quick.  Unfortunately, time has proven to be a cruel mistress and I am no where as good with this game now, as I was back then.  I still enjoy, if I find it in arcade form, popping in a quarter or two to see how I do.


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