So, over the weekend, I spent a bit of money and bought the fourth edition of Space Hulk from my local gaming, comic and card shop (Gabi’s Cards and Comics Olympia, WA). Now, this has been something I have been thinking about doing for a long time, it’s a fairly expensive game ($125.00 retail), so I needed to make sure it would be (1) something I could afford to do and (2) get in, buy it, and get out before I talked myself out of it. FYI, to date, I have talked myself out of this purchase at least 10 times.

Space Hulk 4th Edition by Games Workshop and Citadel Miniatures

So a little history as to why I wanted to make this purchase. First off, Aliens (the second movie) was a huge influence on me. I loved the idea of Space Marines and Aliens doing battle. Second, when I was in the ninth grade, I was in JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps). I am not certain what the occasion was, but our class had an over nighter at the local community center on the Air Force Base closest to our school. Some of the guys in my class brought along Space Hulk (First edition). They setup their game on one of the pool tables (because it was that big) and began hacking it out. I didn’t really get a chance to participate in playing the game, but watching it was a real treat and from that day on, I had a new item on my bucket list. To buy, own, and play this game.


Since then, there have been many renditions of this game in video game form and because this is a Warhammer product, there are other ways to play as Genestealers (the Xenomorph Alien Race) and the Space Marines (Blood Angels) at a much grander scale, all just as addicting and fun to play, but I digress.


This post, for right now, is really just an unboxing. There are a lot of parts to this game,  and it can take an evening to get everything put together. In fact, it’s assortment of plastic minis is part of the reason why this game is so expensive.

The game generates a lot of trash, I actually broke my tradition of keeping the cardboard to keep all my game tiles together. There were simply too many.

First thoughts…I’ve been watching Watch It Played on YouTube (Video Below) to get a better understanding of the rules (although very well written, I understand visually better than through reading). So far, it doesn’t seem overly complicated of a game, but there is definitely some strategy.

I’m going to try and publish an update to this with some game play and mission run downs, until then. Thanks for following. If you have ever played Space Hulk, or any other Warhammer/Games Workshop based game, I’d love to hear about your experience. I’d also love to hear about any House Rules you have in play.


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